Region: Unknown |

Point of Interest Skill Point Vista Renown Heart Waypoint
Kyesjard Strange Energy Source Vista Partake in the moot . Krongar Waypoint
Balddistead Ritual Tribal Paint Vista Disrupt dredge mining operations for Order of Whispers operatives . Gentle River Waypoint
Copperhammer Mines Urals Delve Vista Scatter the unusually aggressive grawl . Iron Veil Waypoint
Whispering Falls Cooroo Vista Help Fionnghuala Scratch prepare their defenses . Foundation 86 Waypoint
The Great Oouo Villager Vista Help Goldenlight Hallow with their experiments . Ogduk Waypoint
Stovepipe Pogue   Vista Help the alliance of the Vigil and Priory . White Paper Waypoint
Thistlereed Grove     Help the Priory’s excavation of the ruins . Stromkarl Waypoint
Goldenlight Hallow     Help make Stromkarl Heights safe for travelers . Thistlereed Waypoint
Kiriel Rock     Help Ichtaca . Valance Tutory Waypoint
Sipedon Deeps     Help the endangered quaggans . Concordia Waypoint
Okarinoo     Help Caer Evermore defeat the Risen in the region . Gyre Rapids Waypoint
Irenic Shoal       Rankor Ruins Waypoint
Caer Evermore       Eztlitl Grounds Waypoint
        Scale Strand Waypoint
        Coil Waypoint
        Okarinoo Waypoint
        Nonmoa Waypoint
        Serpent Waypoint
        Talus Waypoint
Event – Object to be destroyed/operated Event – Location/NPC to defend Event – Boss enemy Event – Location of a fight  
Protect the beer kegs from drunken skritt . Help Hoggarth catch the taunting skritt . Kill the lake monster . Annihilate the destroyers loosed by the dredge .  
Defend Concordia from enemy atack . Escort the Order of Whispers team to the grawl camp . [Group Event] Defeat the Mighty Oouo and the asura controlling it . Slay remaining Risen .  
  Escort and defend alliance workers sent to build a watchtower . Stop the enhanced ettin’s rampage .    
  Defend Wikk as he calibrates the asura gate . [Group Event] Defeat the champion fleshreaver .    
  Collect ettin test subjects for Jonga’s experiment . Defeat the veteran cave spider .    
  Escort Krattz to destroy mystery skritt device . [Group Event] Kill the krait witch .    
  Protect krewe leader Dobbs as the krewe clears the excavation site . Kill the Risen Crusader    
  Defend Chief Eztlitl from the krait .      
  Defend the Leaders of Caer Evermore from Risen .      

One thought on “Vista

  1. Timberline Falls, Gentle River Vista (Far North & Central).. Your info is WAY wrong. Causes certain death from the jump/fall necessary to get to the level of the Vista. This is the correct path to the vista:

    Biting Tongue and rethinking my choice to check here first. Decided to drop you a note THIS TIME. Others are wrong! I have so little play time I didn’t take the time to write.. sorry for that. You need someone to RUN the vistas & jumping puzzles to see if they are accurate. Granted, great majority are perfect.. ALSO have a suggestion.. How are is it to type a few words about how to get to the starting point?

    Ta Ta! Peace & MUCH Thanks for the Accurate stuff!! 😉