Region: Kryta |

Point of Interest Vista Waypoint    
Tokk’s Mill Vista Postern Ward Waypoint    
Deverol Island Vista Farshore Waypoint    
Lion’s Court Vista Smuggler’s Waypoint    
Coriolis Plaza Vista Eastern Ward Waypoint    
Mystic Plaza Vista Gate Hub Plaza Waypoint    
Lost Grotto Vista Trader’s Forum Waypoint    
Crow’s Nest Tavern ( Captain’s Council ) Vista Canal Ward Waypoint    
Yomm’s Merchantile Vista Fort Marriner Waypoint    
Black Lion Trading Company HQ Vista Bloodcoast Ward Waypoint    
Main Haven Headquarters Vista Claw Island Portage Waypoint    
Tenanera’s Pit Vista Diverse Ledges Waypoint    
Vigil Centerhouse   Sanctum Harbor Waypoint    
The Gangplank   Western Ward Waypoint    
Moorookoo Village        
Lion’s Gate        
Old Lion’s Arch        
Moran Memorial        
Durmand Priory Dig Site        
The Undermarket        
Shuttered Gate        
Commodore’s Manor        
Consortium Gift Shop        
Macha’s Landing        
Lion’s Shadow Inn        
Wreckage of the Breachmaker        
Gunnery Range        

8 thoughts on “Vista

  1. This guild is wrong. To get to the vista go to the back of the house and climb the rocks to the left. You should be able to figure it out from there. Cheers.

  2. Had to use speed buff but got up as guide instructed… not sure which rocks to left or behind which house to go up.

  3. The “Rock” path is wrong. I got it that way once after much trying and with a constant speed buff, but with other characters it was too hard.
    _Much Easier Way_
    Go to the right from there and onto the wood walkway. Stop at the low point where two board-walks meet.
    Turn left and go onto the grass. Go forward just a little and turn left again.
    Jump onto the rocks and go upward a bit.
    Jump to the roofs and you’ll see the vista point right in front of you.
    This makes it very easy.

  4. Now that LA has been demolished, the guide is doubly wrong. It is not possible to do the jump depicted in the second screenie above- tried it on 3 alts, speed-boosted and not, including one who was double-boosted using a +25% signet AND the LA Scout’s speed buff. It might occasionally glitch and work, but after at least 50 futile attempts I gave up trying.

    The path that works just fine (as of August 30, 2014) is almost identical to the old path before LA was destroyed: Go along the wooden walkway in front of the house a bit, turn left before the bridge and hop over to the little grassy area, turn left again and jump on 2 rocks behind the house, then left again right next to the back of the house and hop up on the little semi-circular roof. From there, it’s just a couple of obvious roof hops to the Vista.