Region: Shiverpeak Mountains | Level: 15-25 |

Point of Interest Skill Point Vista Renown Heart Waypoint
Drakentelt Devotee of Owl Vista Help hunters and travelers near the road . Highpass Haven Waypoint
Owl Lodge Stinging Wind Vista Help Owl’s followers. Owl Waypoint
Blasted Haven Corvin the Skaald Vista Push back the corruption . Reaver’s Waypoint
Svannijem Hold Grawl Totem Vista Assist Lionguard Nadel . Snowhawk Landing Waypoint
Tala Point Razorwing’s Nest Vista Preserve the Njordstead hunting grounds . Lost Child’s Sorrow Waypoint
Urgulp Raven Shaman’s Power Source Vista Support the crafters of Soderhem . Exile Waypoint
Jorand’s Sluice     Oppose the thieving grawl . Njordstead Waypoint
Moldary Point     Help quaggans settle into Urgulp . Soderhem Steading Waypoint
Lashoosh     Support the Durmand Priory against the centaurs . Torstvedt Homestead Waypoint
Durgar’s Homestead     Fight the denizens of Jormabakke Stead . Snowdrift Waypoint
Mennerheim     Impress the Mennerheim steadholders . Valslake Waypoint
      Disrupt the dredge in Molengrad . Lornar’s Waypoint
      Help the Seraph outrider camp . Isenfall Waypoint
        Frozen Sweeps Waypoint
        Podaga Steading Waypoint
        Skradden Waypoint
        Seraph Outrider’s Waypoint
        Scholar’s Cleft Waypoint
        Angvars Trove Waypoint
Event – Location/NPC to defend Event – Location of a fight Event – Boss enemy Guild Bounty Guild Trek
Protect the owl spirit’s from Jormag’s minions . Clear the icebrood out of Njordstead . [Group Event] Defeat the corrupted kodan . Deputy Brooke Cave Bear Cache
Escort Emma through jotun territory . Eliminate the corrupted ice cores . [Group Event] Defeat the Modniir leader .    
Escort Wise Keeper to Blasted Haven . Cull the furfly population devouring the pinesol woods . Slay the evil Raven shaman , Vilnia Shadowsong , and her helper .    
Escort the supply dolyak to Snowdrift Haven . Drive the dredge from Podaga Steading .      
Defend the inhabitants of Podage Steading . Destroy ceiling supports in the dredge tunnel .      

3 thoughts on “Vista

  1. Skradden Vista:
    These screenies are near useless because they don’t show how to get to the position in the first picture.

    From the front of the building (or south-east corner) go to the north-east corner, which seems to be against the side of the mountain.
    Look for the tree stumps there (some are lighter colored) and use them to jump up to roof level.

    Once you are up there it’s easy to see the path goes west, then south to the vista.