Weyandt’s Revenge Jumping Puzzle

Weyandt's revenge jumping puzzle
Key Facts:
  • Name: Weyandt’s Revenge
  • Location: Sharkmaw Caverns , South East of Lion’s Arch
  • Location map: Lion’s Arch / Maguuma Jungle
  • Recommended level: any
  • Achievement type: Explorer
  • Puzzle Type: Jumping / Maze / Traps
  • Duration: 25-40 minutes
  • Difficulty: Normal
  • Prize (except fun): Achievemnt / Chest / Access to lvl 40 Karma , Pirate , Cultural , Weapons


General Information

This is one of the more interesting and more complicated jumping puzzles. The very entrance to the section with the puzzle is very grandiose and this feeling continues all the way through to the end of the puzzle where you unlock a level 40 pirate zombie cultural karma weapon vendor (yes you read it right), which makes this puzzle one of the most unique ones out there.
What makes the whole journey through this puzzle so exciting is the fact it consists of three distinctly different parts separated with some very easy and some very hard jumping sections. The three parts are the Labyrinth, trap laden hallways and the dark cave. To learn how to beat all three challenges please consult the images and guides bellow.


The entrance is bellow one of the Vista points. Once you visit the Vista you will see a mouth like cave entrance bellow and Captain Weyandt calling out for you. Once you jump to the cave “mouth” stand on one of the “teeth” and you will start sliding down and you need to make sure you jump in correctly or you might miss the water and crash on the cave floor. You want to hit the middle of the “mouth” if at all possible.


Labyrinth Guide

The only way to successively navigate this labyrinth is to follow the strange light that you can find at the beginning of the labirynth or to read our guide on how to do it. If you do not want spoilers – skip this part now.
The moment you enter the maze go right. You will pass one purple torch and come upon a blue-ish torch. Go left at that torch through a false rockface. Continuing on you will pass a blue-ish torch, a purple torch, remains of First Mate Shane and another blue torch. You will go through another false rockface to the left of the torch. Go past another purple than blue torch and pass through the last false rockface right of the blue torch and you will reach the end of the maze. Images showing this follow:



You need to precisely walk down the middle of the hallways until you reach the corners. You can cut across those. There are several spots where you will have to jump over the traps. You need to watch out that the ceiling spikes are in the retracting phase before you jump. Take your time here, because if you are caught in a series of hits by the traps you can quickly die, because each spike places a bleeding condition on you.


The Dark Cave

Preceding this section is the hardest jump you will have to make in this puzzle. Those with speed buffs will be lucky and make the jump without much trouble. Those without will have to jump onto a very small rock that is in between the two larger rocks you are trying to get across. If you make that jump you will enter the Dark Cave that earned its ominous name because the place is completely dark and you will not see where you’re going until a lightning flash shows you the way. We recommend you set your gamma setting to maximum in video options while traversing this part of the puzzle.


Achievement and Vendor


6 thoughts on “Weyandt’s Revenge Jumping Puzzle

  1. best way inside is make this with friends, if you jump and die at entrance (as we are) if someone make way inside, can ressurect rest of grups in water 😀 labyrint take more time to find correct path, traps are easy if you watch you steps, some hard jump here, dark cave if you cheat with gamma settings are easy part of puzzle, speed boost help, on my level 64 I have better gear then from zombie karma vendor (price is 9600 karma per item, if you want buy)

  2. Wow that labirynth guide is bad tbh, just as soon as you enter hug left wall. you’ll pass 2 fake walls and tadaaa you are there MUCH faster and easier to explain

  3. Beat the whole puzzle my first time through, couldn’t afford anything at the karma vendor, and the “magnificent chest” had weak rewards. What a waste of time.

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