Whitebear’s Pride II Strongbox

Region: Magus Falls | Level: 80-80 |

Point of InterestVistaWaypointHero challengeMastery point
Order of Whispers CampSCAR Bivouac VistaOrder of Whispers Camp WaypointTroll RunestoneOrder of Whispers Outpost Insight
Order of Whispers OutpostRata Novus VistaOgre Camp WaypointEgg Clutch Hero ChallengeTerraced Hive Insight
Ogre Crash SiteDeeproot Sink VistaDragon’s Passage WaypointNightthistle BloomShard of Brilliance Strongbox
Ley Line NodeTangled Descent VistaLey-Line Confluence WaypointNewborn MushroomsPlains of Golghein Strongbox
Twisting ViaductCascade Descent VistaSCAR Camp WaypointGuano-Incubated Spider EggsNorthern Confluence Insight
Sheltered ClearingTeku Nuhoch VistaRata Novus WaypointGilded RiverTwisting Viaduct Insight
Vine Wall Teku Nuhoch WaypointJellyfish GrottoNuhoch Line Insight
Cascade Descent  Inquisitor’s CampsiteCryptonym Strongbox
Terraced Hive  Ancient Power CoreSword of Smodur Strongbox
Rata Novus Perimeter  Chak HatcheryWhitebear’s Pride II Strongbox
Decrepit Chak Nest    
Rata Novus Command Center    
Rata Novus Orcharads    
Kaana’s Terrace    
Gnarled Roots    
Tranquil Refuge    
Ley Flow    
Arboreal Overlook    
Chak Staging Area    
Subterranean Lake    
Event – Boss enemyEvent – Location/NPC to defendEvent – Object to be destroyed/operatedEvent – Location of a fightEvent – NPC that collects event item
[Group Event] Kill the Mushroom Emperor.[Group Event] Escort the lore seeker to the underground lake.Help Terrill reinforce the camp with scrap metal barricades and cannons.Use the camp’s defenses to kill attacking chak.Bring golem parts to Agent Zildi.
[Group Event] Kill the champion bat so Nokta can return his pets to camp.[Group Event] Escort Nokta into the Great Tree as he looks for potential pets.[Group Event] Escort Zildi’s Assist-o-Matic as it gathers ley samples.Kill nearby mushrooms to provide the Nyhoch’s beetles with food.Repel the invading chak. Power up the golem for added firepower.
[Group Event] Kill the chak crown!Help Vincere Shieldstep find the scattered members of his team.Collect spore samples and turn them in to Kott’s Assistant.[Group Event] Stop the chak from reaching the cannon.[Group Event] Power the golems, forcing the chak gerent to emerge.
[Group Event] Kill the golem that is preventing Zildi from hacking the mainframe!Don’t let the Mordrem break the cannon before it reaches the wall.Keep the resonators running until they draw in a large target.  
[Group Event] Destroy the chak gerent before it reaches the cannon.Protect the cannon until the Mordrem migration is stopped.   
[Group Event] Bring down the enraged pair of chak![Group Event] Join Elizia Skysight as she takes the fight to the chak in their nearby hive.   
 Join Shrael Backstab on his recon mission.   
 Use ley energy to power the golem’s shields so Zildi can reach the console room.   
 Protect Zildi while she hacks the defense matrix.   
Event – Location of a brawl    
Kure the beetles near mushrooms to calm them by releasing spores from nodules.