Witcher 3 Giveaway and New Website

We have some exciting news for all the RPG fans out there. As many of you know a new, massive, open world RPG game is coming out in less then two weeks – The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. It promises to be one of the largest single player RPG games on the market and from everything we’ve seen from the footage released so far it will be a real treat to RPG fans all over the world. Our sister website GosuNoob.com has decided to celebrate the upcoming release by giving away pre-order keys of the game to two lucky winners in their Witcher 3 Giveaway! All you have to do is enter your email and you have a chance to win, with additional entries earned through following their social network pages. In case you haven’t yet pre-ordered the game or are curious as to what it is going to be like head on over to gosunoob.com and enter the giveaway.

Witcher 3 giveaway

We, here at MMORPG Life, also decided to create a Witcher 3 dedicated website called Witcher 3 Life. Yes, Witcher 3 is a single player game, but with having loads of quests, huge open world, RPG lore based in Slavic folklore, abilities, crafting and all the other hallmark features of MMORPGs we believe it deserves a place in our network of websites. Bookmark the website because you can expect to see all the stuff you got used to seeing on all other MMORPG Life websites (from tools to database information and guides).

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