Armor Fish Ranger Pet

This durable fish’s armor can withstand a tremendous amount of punishment. Armor fish overwhelm their foes with disorienting bash attacks while shrugging off their counterattacks.

Important Note: Start the journey near Trader’s forum waypoint. You can go down east of the trainers, entrance to the Bilge. Take the first left, head west, then right and you will find yourself at the end of the tunnel. Jump in the deep pool going down (dark green water) you will find yourself in the area full of salmon. The tunnel will be in front of you. Follow the tunnel. At the end of the tunnel look down and you will find a small tunnel going down. At the end you will see Juvenile Armor Fish.


Armor Fish attributes (lvl 80)AppearanceLocation
TypeAquatic pet
FamilyArmor Fish
Location Lion’s Arch – The Bilge ,
Blazeridge Steppes

Common to Armor FishBiteBiteBite your foe.
ProtectionProtectionApply Protection to yourself
Stunning RushStunning RushRush at a foe and stun them.
UniqueChompChompChomp your foe to deal damage and heal yourself


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  1. There is another place you can find Juvenile Armor Fish. It can be found in the Blazeridge Steppes in the Behem Gauntlet. In the back of the cave with the Veteran Spider. You can jump up the back of the cave wall and then take a LONG dive into some water below; in the pool is a veteran shark and 2 juvenile armor fish. I was trying to get to a Rich Iron Vein when I found it. Haven’t found a way out yet without porting…

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