Reef Drake Ranger Pet

Juvenile Reef Drakes are amphibious pets located in Southsun Cove. Reef Drakes are AoE damage pets that confuse foes with his unique skill Sonic Shriek.   Reef Drake attributes (lvl 80) Appearance Power 1,718 Precision 1,374 Toughness 2,061 Vitality 1,718 … Continue reading

Ranger Starting Pets

During the character creation process, each race offers three different pets, from which a ranger can choose one starting pet.   Ranger Starting Pets by Races Asura Moa -Flamingo — I raised my moa from the egg. Its devotion to … Continue reading

Aquatic Pets

Aquatic pets can only be used underwater. There are three different families of Aquatic pets in Guild Wars 2: Armor Fish, Jellyfish, Sharks. Their unique skills can stun, fear or blind your enemies.   Aquatic Pets   Family: Armor Fish … Continue reading

Amphibious Pets

Amphibious pets can be used both on land or underwater. There are four different families of Amphibious pets in Guild Wars 2: Bears, Devourers, Drakes and Felines. They are pets with ranged or AoE attacks, with heavy damage skills and … Continue reading

Terrestrial Pets

Terrestrial pets can only be used on land. There are five different families of Terrestrial pets in Guild Wars 2: Birds, Boars, Canines, Moas and Spiders. Their unique skills can increase movement speed, knock your enemies down, immobilize or poison … Continue reading

Ranger Pets

Ranger Pets are juvenile pets that rangers are able to charm. Each pet belongs to a family which determines common skills while the species determines a pet’s unique skill. In the list below, you can find all in-game pets. The … Continue reading

Snow Leopard Ranger Pet

Juvenile Snow Leopards are amphibious pets located in Hoelbrak and Wayfarer Foothills. They are are high damage pets. Continue reading

Lynx Ranger Pet

Juvenile Lynx is amphibious pet located in Snowden Drifts, with very high damage skills that cause its enemies to bleed. Continue reading

Jungle Stalker Ranger Pet

Juvenile Jungle Stalkers are amphibious pets located in Caledon Forest Continue reading

Jaguar Ranger Pet

Juvenile Jaguar is an amphibious pet located in Metrica Province and Caledon Forest. Continue reading