Guild Wars 2 Beta Event Servers & Guilds

If you want to know in which server what guild will participate check out the list below. There are 24 US and 24 EU servers for this Beta Event. We would like to thank ThisBuddhistLovesYou for making such a great list.

US Worlds

  • Anvil Rock – 4chan /vg/, Jaguar
  • Borlis Pass – OMFGcata, Dontain, Lords of the Dead [LotD]
  • Yak’s Bend – Yogscast(?), GW2 Guru, GameTrailers, Kinda Ferocious, ZAM, ThoughtBludgeon, LaZy Nation, GetBonkd
  • Henge of Denravi – NeoGAF, Guild Wars Reporter
  • Maguuma –, Aureus Knights, Knights of Eminence, Better Late Than Never, Sages’ Lost Intrigues, 
  • Sorrow’s Furnace  – VexX Gaming, Hearts of Chaos, GuildMag,  Kabal,, Arena  Junkies, Perfect in Theory, Descendants of  Honor, Towelliee, The  District Nudists, Armata, Reddit alt,, Citadel,  Sovereign, Keen and Graev’s. Hammer Smashed Face,, Forever  Sunshines, Blacklisted Gaming, vVv Gaming, Ret, Shacknews, Bladefall, Heroes of F
  • Kaineng(Asian Guilds x1)
  • Jade Quarry – (DAoC Vets), Warhammer Online Vets, PVP, Decisive Action, Mad Baddies, Servius Sancti
  • Fort Aspenwood – RMA Clan, Penny Arcade, Voogru, Dire Wolves, Terran(“Don’t attack player; only kill NPC”)  
  • Ehmry Bay – Roleplaying Alt, The Older Gamers
  • Ferguson’s Crossing – A Bear ‘Eart, Protean Syndicate
  • Darkhaven – Reddit, CheckMate, Oceanic alt, Almost Famous, Gamebreaker,, Nguyensane, Aetherius Network, CheckMate, BTeamGaming, Pax Praesidium, Charter Vanguard [CV],Runic Gaming, Death n’ Taxes, Hardcore Gamers, Radio (Online Gaming Radio Station), Four Winds, Ascendance, Soulbound-WoW community.
  • Vasburg – joO Binder
  • Eredon Terrace – Unofficial GvG server, What’s Going On [sup], Delta Formation [DF] Dark Alley [dR], Dangerous Pumpkins [dP] (unconfirmed), Virtual Dragons [vd], Shiverpeak Shortbus (unconfirmed), Vent Rage [vR], Idiot Savants [iQ]
  • Crystal Desert(SE Asia Guild x1),, Fragment(, Einsof Gaming, Team Legacy / Ascension Alliance, Obsidian Fear
  • Tarnished Coast – Unofficial Roleplaying, The Gentlemen’s Club,, The MacLaren, Angels of the Warp, Lion’s Vanguard (RP), Ardwulf’s Lair
  • Steamspur Mountains – Dragon Chasers,
  • Blazeridge Mountains – The Gaming Ents r/entgamers, r/entgaming, r/trees
  • Isle of Janthir – The Guardians, r/redditgw, Order of the Silver Dragons, Sinister
  • Sea of Sorrows(Unofficial Oceanic) Something Awful GOONS, Downunder, The Australian Cybergamer, Harlequin, Aurora Australis, Yakisoba, Aggroculture, (SEA/Philippines) PNOY Alliance, The Order of the Mailed Fist, Melee Missile, xiphias Gladius, LYN.Net, Exitializ (SEA/PH PvX),
  • Deldrimor – (Spanish Speakers) / Latin America, La Hermandad, EPIC, Alianza Argentina [ARG]
  • Scavenger’s Causeway – Pokket (Inner Circle), gabe newell, (QUIET SERVER – there is literally no local chat of any kind anywhere)
  • Moladune – Boons and Conditions, MARA, We Are Assassin, Condemned, Achieving Deficiency
  • Eternal Grove – Sea of Stars & Star Onions, Tribe Gaming, Taint/Rough Trade, The Prismatic Order, Gayme Øn, Stonewall,(Japanese Guild x1), The Open Stage

EU Worlds

  • Kodonur – The Older Gamers (?), Pew (FR), May The Pie Be With You (PL)
  • GandaraSecond UK Server (English) (UK Guild x4) (German Guilds x2) GW2guru, Futilez(RU), Friskyttarna, Minions (DE), Reaction(Turkey), Cloud Cult (DE), Hawke Company (EU), Elite Kings (PL), Special Bear Service (UK), Elite Kings (PL)
  • Kodash(German Guilds x2), Frostbringer (DE), Triarii (FR), Dragon Season (Gr)
  • Blacktide – QQ Forums (GW1 Vets), Polish community, (Russian Guilds x11), Midnight Mayhem (int), -CoO- (int),,,,,,,, Devoti Tenebris (pl), Dragon Within (pl)
  • Istan –, GW2TR (Turkey), Elememnt Zero Guild, Clan Bravesong (FR), Frozen Dawn (Fin)
  • VabbiThird UK Server 4chan, /vg/,,, DVDF, (UK/US), Xispes Maria
  • Kourna – (FR), (Nordic Guild x1), Ouragan Online (French RP on Release), (French Guild x1)
  • Fissure of Woe(Italian Community), (Romanian Guilds), SomethingAwful, (FR)
  • Underworld – (Portugese Guilds x4), Maltese Community, (Italian Community Alt), TNT Legion (Turkey), GW2Fans, Royal Legion (PL)
  • Ring of Fire – (Romanian Guilds x 4+), (FR), FACEPUNCH, The Elite Mercenaries,, We Are From Poland (PL)
  • Far Shiverpeaks – Unofficial Dutch/Scandinavian Server, (Dutch Guilds x8), (Nordic Guilds x9),,,,, Ragnarok Of Primordus,,,, Ragnarok,, Casual Gamerz (swe), hv, Alba gu brath (Scotland), Tunnel Vision (norway), Semper Danica, Team Awkward, LowLandLions (NL), Ownage of the Dutch Lions (NL), AOD (Portuguese) 
  • Petrified ForestUnofficial RP Server RRoleplaying (,, Fearless Guardians (PL)
  • Jade SeaFirst French/African Mondes Persistants & 19 Guilds (FR), Alliance du Nord (FR), BW (FR), Ouragan Online (French RP on Beta), NeoGAF,, South African Community & 6 Guilds (RSA), lth (FR), SUN (FR), LGDM (FR), CE (FR), MMOHunt, EoD (German Guild), thalion(FR), Incarna GC (FR), Team Fortress 2, Infinita Virtus (PL), Tiny Siege Turtles (PL) 
  • Desolation First UK Server (UK Guilds x6)Rock Paper Shotgun, PC Gamer,, Purge [EU], Destiny’s Edge, Guild Wars Finland, Frozen Dawn (FI), Unseelie Court (FI), Desert Foxes (FI), AstralRiders (EU/PvX), Trix Lorena (EU/PvX), Gatekeepers (EU), DoubleDutch (NL), Will of Vengeance (PL), Sanctuary (US/EU/PvX)
  • Magus Falls(German Guild x1), MARA
  • Whiteside Ridge (UK Guild x1), (Israeli Guild x2), Reddit, GameTrailers, Vgames (Israeli Community), (Israeli Community), Raven, ally Seth (IT), ally DRAG (IT), Legion D’Orr (FR), Guild Wars Insider, Raven (PL), Ordo Lupi Albi (PL), The Autonomy (PL)
  • Fort RanikSecond French Serv (French Guilds x13), JoL (FR), WarlegenD (FR), Guild Wars Shop (FR), HFR (FR), FOGs (FR), Canard PC (FR), (FR), (FR), (Dutch Guilds x1),, Invaders (FR), Hatred (FR), (FR), ACS : Amis du Clan Sérénité (FR), Гранд России (RU), Frères d’Armes (FR), ColD (FR), Celestius(FR)
  • Ruins of Surmia(Spanish Guilds x3), Israeli Community
  • Sharp’s Corner(Spanish Guilds x3), (UK community), DUK (UK)
  • Aurora Glade(Spanish Guilds x3)
  • Riverside(German PVP Guilds x4), Guild Wars 2 Slovenija, Slovak and Czech community, GW2Camp, Wanderers Corp (RU), Rivers Run Red, Forest of Frog, Croatian Maniacs, Warband, Take the Wipe, Dusk, The Last Remnants, Reckoning, Shonen (PL)
  • Elona ReachUnofficial German Server  (German A/CH/D) (DE),, (DE), Discordia (CH), (DE), Shisha For Free [SF] (German PVP Guild), (DE)
  • Augury Rock Third French Serv (French Guilds x16) (FR), (FR), No-Sense (FR), eNUK (FR), Enigma (FR), Omen Sinistrum (FR), Essiam Fenrir (FR), WoodenPotatoes, The Headquarter(DE), Fëar Morniëo (FR), Vioc (FR), Les Gardiens de la Phalange (FR), Ménestrels (FR), Lily Bertine (FR), Millénium (FR), Fureur (FR), Ordo Nova (FR)
  • Abaddon’s Mouth(Italian Guild x1), (Russian Guild x1) Bloodstone Keepers, Crimson Sunz, (DE,Alt), Electric Extended Edition 르 (PL)

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