Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend Event Important Information

The Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend Event starts in less than 5 hours. We have decided to make a handy page where you can find all the important links and information about Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend Event.

  • There are 48 servers for this Beta Weekend Event, 24 EU and 24 US servers.
  • Only pre-purchase guarantees access to the beta, not pre-order
  • The Hall of Monuments will not be available for the Beta.
  • None of the CE, DD or Pre-Purchase items are available in the Beta events. They will be available for headstart.
  • Press F11 to select the language you want in your downloader.
  • There is no NDA for the Beta Weekend Event.
  • Once you have selected a home world, all the characters you create will play on this world and will represent it in our world-versus-world (WvW) format.
  • You can change your home world, there is a limit of one world transfer every seven days per account and a charge of 1,800 gems for each transfer. A world transfer moves all of your existing characters to your new home world.
  • When Guild Wars 2 launches there will be free “guesting” feature. With guesting, your characters can play on any world where you have friends—with certain restrictions. For instance, you will not be able to participate in WvW while guesting.
  • All participants in World vs. World events are effectively level 80, although you’re limited to the abilities that you’ve earned through regular leveling.
  • Asura and Sylvari are not available for this event
  • There are no special servers. No East/West Coast, no RP, no PvP.
  • The PAX East code gets you into only the first BWE.
  • You’ll be able to change the language once you are in game

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