Guild Wars 2 Maps are Live

Guild Wars 2 provides you with loads of opportunities to explore the land of Tyria. More often than not you will come across a waypoint, skill point or other type of discover-able achievement/content while roaming the lands of Tyria. If you are a collectionist like us you might find our Guild Wars 2 maps handy. Not only are these maps filled with data hand picked by our editors (so, no spam points from random strangers), but we also provide screenshots to better demonstrate where each POI, vista or Waypoint is and how to get to it if you get stuck. So, if you are looking for that underwater cave to get that last skill point, we’re the place that will help you find it. There are many well crafted GW2 interactive maps on the net, but screenshots and careful Editorial approach to each event and point on the map can be found only on GW2 Life. So far we have managed to enter the following lands (we still have hundreds of POIs to upload):

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