GW2 Burn Down The Dragons Achievement

Burn down the Dragons achievement can be completed by setting on fire Dragon Effigies through low-level lands (1-25) in Tyria and Gendarran Fields (25-35 lvl), the same lands that you visit for completing So Lifelike Achievement.
Each of those maps have three effigies. This achievement is character bound and you can burn down 30 Effigies per character. The respawn time is approximately 30 minutes, and you can also log in to alt character to complete the achievement faster. You don’t need to wait for animation to complete, but in that case you will not get Dragon Vigor buff (boost health by 2% per application, max 5 applications). This buff disappears when you log off, or change a map.
Burn Down The Dragons Achievement has 4 tiers:

  • 1. tier – 1 Dragon Effigy burned down
  • 2. tier – 10 Dragon Effigies burned down
  • 3. tier – 25 Dragon Effigies burned down
  • 4. tier – 50 Dragon Effigies burned down


Dragon Effigy Maps

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