GW2 Candidate Trials Challenge

GW2 Candidate Trials Challenge is a special game or event that according to GW2 Developre Steven Waller is an unique challenge, where you provide support to Ellen. During this event you should prevent Aetherblade Pirates from taking a treasure pile from crushed Aetherblade Ship. This is survive challenge, where you need to survive multiple waves of Aetherblade Pirates and prevent special Aetherblade Plunderers with bag icons over their heads, to take over all golds, from treasure piles. Entrance to Candidate Trials Challenge is inside Labyrinthine Cliffs area.

Entrance to Candidate Trail Challenge

Candidate Trials General Information

There are four difficulty levels / tiers of Candidate Trials Challenge. In order to progress further to tier 2, 3 and 4, you need to finish previous challenges. You can repeat the difficulty level you like, as many times as you like. You can solo the Challenge tier one, while you would like to group up with other players for tier three. Steven Waller made a statement that some skilled players can solo the third level. You can fail on this event, if you die, or if Aetherblade Plunderers menage to steal all the treasure.
When you start the event inside Candidate Trials instance, you should be focusing on three tasks. The following tasks can be found under your event information:

  1. Treasure remaining: 5 000 at tier one (do not let Aetherblade Plunderers to steal all Treasure);
  2. Time remaining: 5 minutes at tier one(survive during this time, until completing task one);
  3. Aetherblade Pirates killed: X ( information, bragging note )


Candidate Trials Tips

  • When the challenge begins defeat Aetherblade Plunderer first, since they are dedicated gold thieves. There are also Aetherblade Tuskmaster (Confusion, Blind), Aetherblade Swashbuckler (Bleeds), and Aetherblade Thumper (Protective Shield).
  • Various weapons have been provided to help players defend the treasure piles in the crash site.
  • When attempting Tier IV, consider bringing a highly skilled, coordinated party that works well together in order to deal with all the pirates throw at you!
  • In order to complete Gnashbalde: Direct Support, you must complete both Tier I and II in Gnashblade’s Candidate Trials. To complete Kiel: Direct Support, you must complete both Tier I and II in Kiel’s Candidate Trials.



Various rewards can be won depending on the completed level difficulty, from regular rewards for a successful event like karma, money, experience points, to support tokens, aetherblade weapons, achievement and more.

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