GW2 Dev Corner: Living Story Content How It Works

Many questions pop up after the latest Guild Wars 2 game update Flame and Frost: Prelude. Although the players expected a huge update, only several small events connected with the Refugee Volunteer Achievement appeared. On the official GW2 forum, Bobby Stein, ArenaNet’s GW2 Lead Writer, explained the Flame and Frost content progress:

  • The Flame and Frost story content progresses over time. You will not see everything today, tomorrow, or even the next day.
  • Expect subtle changes at first. Maybe you’ll encounter some familiar characters. Perhaps you’ll be introduced to some new ones. You might see a new structure where there wasn’t one before.
  • The Living Story content is initially about the thrill of discovery. We’ll put some markers on your map, maybe send you a letter, or parcel out details through certain characters, but the rest is up to you.
  • As the weeks progress, you’ll notice bigger changes in the world. New events may appear. Plots will advance and characters will develop.

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