Reef Drake Ranger Pet

Juvenile Reef Drakes are amphibious pets located in Southsun Cove. Reef Drakes are AoE damage pets that confuse foes with his unique skill Sonic Shriek.   Reef Drake attributes (lvl 80) Appearance Power 1,718 Precision 1,374 Toughness 2,061 Vitality 1,718 … Continue reading

GW2 The Lost Shores Event Phase 3

  The third phase The Final Push has begun. Head to the South West part of the Southsun Cove map and then make your way to Karka Hive POI (Bakestone Cavern). The event starts with [Group Event] Protect the Lionguard … Continue reading

The Lost Shores Phase 2 Start

The Lost Shores Phase 2 starts in Lion’s Arch. Use the Sanctum Harbor Waypoint. NPC Southsun Cove Transport Facilitator is marked with white sails on the map. The NPC will transport you to the Southsun Cove land. You can chose … Continue reading

The Lost Shores Phase 2

The steps you need to finish if you want to participate in the Phase 2:   Here are the Phase 1 steps that you need to make sure you completed before Phase 2 starts:   Talk to Inspector Ellen Kiel … Continue reading

GW2 Event Investigation by Miyani

The mail More information and our thanks sends you to three locations: Caledon Forest, Metrica Province, Kessex Hills.   Stormwreck Deeps – Caledon Forest You will need to rescue her in an event if she isn’t present. You must jog … Continue reading

GW2 Event Investigation by Inspector Ellen Kiel

The event starts after receiving the mail which sends you to talk to Ellen Kiel in LA Grand Piazza. 1. Go on western beaches of Lion’s Arch from the Diverse Ledges to the Moran Memorial and examine wreckage 2. Examine … Continue reading

GW2 Event Additional Karka Attacks

The event starts after receiving the mail Additional Karka Attacks. 1. Go to Caledon Forest and find Warden Lochlain There is also event to kill young karka (help him with this event), which starts next to Warden Lochlain, so he … Continue reading

The Lost Shores Event

The Lost Shores Event phase 1 begins with [Group event] Deal with invading karka and collect samples for research Assistant Bardus, on Friday, November 16, 21:00 CET (20:00 GMT). The event will start as a conflict with the Karka race. … Continue reading

GW2 Patch Notes November 15

ArenaNet released the latest patch notes with specific details about The Lost Shores Update. The patch notes are available below.

GW2 Ascended Gear

GW2 Ascended Gear guide with details about Infusion Upgrade Component and New Condition Agony Continue reading