GW2 Event Investigation by Miyani

The mail More information and our thanks sends you to three locations: Caledon Forest, Metrica Province, Kessex Hills.
Stormwreck Deeps – Caledon Forest
You will need to rescue her in an event if she isn’t present. You must jog her memory with items that remind her of home. There will be objects scattered on the seafloor, including Driftwood, Seaweed, and Sea Urchin Meat. You will need to give one piece of the following three in any order: Seaweed, sea urchin meat and a scallop. (don’t give her driftwood) and she will give you a magic scroll.


Michotl Grounds Waypoint – Metrica Province
Talk to Gukumatz located in Metrica Province and collect 4 supplies: Earth, Water, Fire and Jolting (lightning):

We found 2 combinations:
The reward is Alchemical Potion
Viathan Lake – Kessex Hills (still bugged)
Head northeast of Ireko Tradecamp waypoint in Kessex Hills to find a Largos Fadh al’Eshadhi in Viathan Lake. He will periodically start the Assist Fadh al’Eshadhi in eliminating krait patrols event. Loot Fadh al’Eshadhi’s Chest to receive a Strange Shell. You will be attacked by Fadh al’Eshadhi in an event if he wasn’t defeated recently.
After you have collected Magic Scroll, Alchemical Potion and Strange Shell, return to Head Researcher Levvi.
You will receive 5 Captain’s Council Commendations.

Donate the Captain’s Council Commendations to NPC Lyns

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