GW2 Every Piece Matters Achievement Guide

GW2 Every Piece Matters comes after Hard Boiled Achievement and it is prerequisite achievement for No More Secrets. This achievement consist of two parts. The first one is the instanced area The Scene of the Crime, and the second one consists of interacting with 5 suspects on five different maps.

The first info about Every Piece Matters achievement takes you to Lions Arch, where you need to talk with Marjory Delaqua. In order to do this, once again speak with Inspector Ellen Kiel, near Lion’s Court. She will grant you access to instanced area called The Scene of the Crime. After short conversation between Marjory Delaqua and Investigator Ellen Kiel, approach and talk with Marjory Delaqua. She will give you a Tassi Box should be used to investigate five nearby suspects. Talking with Investigator Ellen Kiel will grant you Bag of Coins (10 silver) and Sip of Liquid Karma (1 000 karma points ). This is however only the first part of this achievement.

The second part of this achievement comes upon receiving two letters and after completing the first part. These letters will guide you toward the suspects that you should interact with, in order to complete this achievement. The first letter directs you toward Lions Arch, Bloodtide Coast and Gendarren Fields, while the second one directs you toward Snowden Drifts and Caledon Forest. You can spot them easily on the map, since they are marked with event stars above their locations.

Lions Arch Suspect

Bloodtide Coast Suspect

Gendarren Fields Suspect

Snowden Drifts Suspect

Caledon Forest Suspect

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