GW2 Guild Trek Locations Guide

GW2 Guild Trek is the second Guild Mission that can be unlocked after Guild Bounties. Requirements for this Guild Mission are:

  • Unlocked Guild Bounties
  • Economy Level 6
  • 50,000 Influence
  • 30 Guild Merits
  • Build time: 1 week


GW2 Guild Trek Tiers and Rewards

Guild Trek Tier 1: 5 locations within 20 minutes, Reward 5 Guild Merits
Guild Trek Tier 2: 10 locations within 20 minutes, Reward 7 Guild Merits
Guild Trek Tier 3: 15 locations within 20 minutes, Reward 10 Guild Merits

Once the Guild Trek mission becomes active you should discover several locations within 20 minutes. Your clues are small screenshots of the locations that pop up when you mouse over Guild Trek mission. Some Guild Trek locations can be easily found because they have names similar to some waypoints on the maps, while the others can be well hidden or a part of some jumping puzzle. Once you recognize the location, look around and you should notice a gold circle mark with a hat inside. The circle is visible only when your Guild Trek is active.
In the list below you can find most of the Guild Treks and their locations. This is still work in progress and if you know any location that is not listed in the table below, feel free to share your screenshots and additional information in the comments below.

Guild Trek Map Waypoint
Bandit’s Cabbage Patch Harathi Hinterlands Wynchona Rally Point Waypoint
Briarthorn Barrier Caledon Forest Spiral Waypoint Waypoint
Founder’s Flagon Hearth Fields of Ruin Fallen Angels Garrison Waypoint
Lily’s Bivvy Fireheart Rise Icespear’s Waypoint
Osenfold Counterweights Wayfarer Foothills Osenfold Waypoint
Wildflame Monitor Metrica Province Soren Draa Waypoint

The most comprehensive list with Guild Treks can be found on

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