GW2 Lion’s Arch Wintersday Final Stop

Tixx has landed in Lion’s Arch for the Wintersday grand finale (location Grand Piazza). During the next two weeks Guild Wars 2 players will have a chance to repeat all five events:

  1. Honorary Krewe Member
  2. Help in Hoelbrak
  3. Charitable Charr
  4. Disaster Derailed
  5. Sylvari Surprise

Once you enter the instance interact with Toy Production Console and chose one of the events.

Important note: Don’t forget to take the gifts from the giant chest next to Tixx in Lion’s Arch. The rewards are:

  • 15 Slot Gift Box
  • Toymaker’s Bag
  • 3 unsafe Wintersday Gifts
  • 200 Mystical Cogs

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