GW2 Loaf of Bread Locations

Name: Loaf of Bread
Location: The Grove, Hoelbrak, Lion’s Arch, Queensdale (1-15)
Gathering type: Food
Acquisition: Purchasing Loaf of Bread
Rarity: Common


Loaf of Bread Locations (Sold By):

  • Sold by Ariana merchant located in The Grove.
  • Sold by Jara and Hallin merchants located at the Trade Commons, Hoelbrak and Stareylf merchant located in Hoelbrak’s Great Lodge, Hoelbrak.
  • Sold by Pikka merchant located at the upper balcony of the Trader’s Forum, Lions Arch.
  • Sold by Farmer Diah after completing Renown Heart – Help farmer Diah, Shaemoor Fields, North-West Queensdale
    See location on the map

Loaf of Bread Locations (Crafted By):

  • Loaf of Bread can be crafted by discipline Chef, required level Novice (0), ingredients for 1 Loaf of Bread are 1x Jug of Water, 1x Bag of Flour and 1x Packet of Yeast, all sold by Master Chefs in major towns.

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