GW2 Looking For Group Tool available from September 17th

According to Mike Zadorojny, ArenaNet’s Lead Content Designer, the long-awaited Looking For Group tool will be available with the September 17th update. In order to access LFG tool, just press “Y” and you’ll be able to browse all active GW2 LFG categories.

The new LFG has categories for every single kind of content: Living World (both open world and dungeons), all of the game’s Dungeons, the Fractals of the Mists, Personal Story, Player vs. Player, and World vs. World. The only two groups that won’t function across all servers in your region are WvW (because you can’t fight for any server but your own), and for the Living World open world content (because it’s expected that you’ll meet with players already on your server for this).

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