GW2 Queen’s Speech page has been vandalized

queen's speech vandalized page
Anonymous organization headed by Scarlet has vandalized GW2 official Queen’s Speech page.
The only clue that has been left is a poem which warns the people of Divinity’s Reach that the Queen’s Speech event scheduled for August 20th, will not pass so smoothly:
Tick tock goes the clock
It’s almost time for time to stop
Something you all must understand
Your world is built on fog and sand
You’re out of time, your jig is done
It’s time for Scarlet to have her fun
She has some hard lessons to teach
To the people of Divinity’s Reach
So mark the date in permanent ink
The hour is later than you think
On the twentieth day she’ll start her games
And warm her hands over Kryta’s flames!


Do you have any clue who the enigmatic Scarlet could be?


Source: GW2Guru

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