Shadow of the Mad King Halloween Mad Memoires guide

Shadow of the Mad King Mad Memoires ACT I event guide with detailed explanation and screenshots.
We also have for you ACT II event guide and Ascent to Madness ACT 3 guide.



Your journey starts at Lion’s Arch – Grand Plaza where you should talk to NPC Magister Tassi. She will mail you a Candy Powered Matter Meter and a Trick or Treat bag with Candy Corn. Every time you have to use Candy Powered Matter Meter, you also need Candy Corns. You can get them from Raw Candy Corn or as a mob drop.

Mad Memoires I: Boyhood

After receiving the items use the Candy Powered Matter Meter and Trick or Treat bag. It will summon a ghost called Serene. She will give you the first book Mad Memories I: Boyhood, with clues where to find the next one. On some servers this part of the event is bugged and you cannot summon Serene and get the first book. On the overflow server the event works! You can get the other books if you follow our clues.

Mad Memoires II: Friendship

Go to North-West corner of Lion’s Arch and jump in the water. Follow the tunnel and at the end you will find Suspicious Location. Use your Aqueous scan (number 1) and it will summon ghost Samson who will give you the second book Mad Memories II: Friendship

Mad Memoires III: Young Love

Go to Sanctum Habor and find Suspicious Location underwater. Use Scan Etheric Field (number 3) to summon ghost Tynna who will give you the third book Mad Memoires III: Young Love.

Mad Memoires IV: Deadly Adventures

Go to Queensdale (use Shaemoor Waypoint). Near Suspicious Location use Scan Gaseous Field (number 2) and summon Prince Ewan Thorn, who will give you the fourth book Mad Memoires IV: Deadly Adventures.

Mad Memoires V: Betrothed

Go to Kessex Hills near Blackroot Cut (use Delanian Waypoint). Near Suspicious Location use Scan Etheric Field (number 3) which will summon skeleton, who will direct you to the island. Lady Lyrica is on the island and she will give you the fifth book Mad Memoires V: Betrothed. Use Scan Corporeal Field (number 4) to summon her.

Mad Memoires VI: Coronation

Go to Gendarran Fields to the Provernic Crypt (use Provern Shore Waypoint). Go all the way through the crypt, but be careful there are traps on the ground and many mobs level 32 like Translucent Ooze, Red Ooze, Veteran Ooze, Champion Cave Spider. At the end you will find a room with Champion Cave Spider (on the left) and a passage with boulders (on the right). Pick up a boulder and place them on the pressure plates. We also had to kill Veteran Cave Spider and then the door to Champion Cave Spider opened!
After defeating Champion Cave Spider find the Grand Chest and use Scan Gaseous Field (number 2) near Suspicious Location. It will summon Lord Humphrey Faren. Talk to him and get the sixth book Mad Memoires VI: Coronation.


Go back to Magister Tassi in Lion’s Arch. She will reward you with Mad Memoires Book.

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