GW2 Southsun Stalwart Achievement Guide

Key Facts:
  • Achievement Name: Southsun Stalwart
  • Goal: Successfully complete all of the Southsun achievements 0/25
  • Reward: Sclerite Karka Shell (rare back item), Title: Southsun Stalwart

Southsun VIP Meet and Greet Achievement 01/25

Speak with key Southsun Cove NPCs.

  • Inspector Kiel (Pearl Islet)
  • Subdirector Noll (Pearl Islet)
  • Lord Faren (Pearl Islet)
  • Lady Kasmeer (Pearl Islet)
  • Researcher Levvi (Scoured Plains)

See bellow the locations of the NPCs.

Briefing by Inspector Kiel Achievement 02/25

Speak with Inspector Kiel on Soouthsun Cove.

Confer with Subdirector Noll Achievement 03/25

Speak with Subdirector Noll on Southsun Cove.

Gossip with Lady Kasmeer and with Lord Faren Achievement 05/25

Speak with Lady Kasmeer Meade on Southsun Cove.
Speak with Lord Faren on Southsun Cove.
These are two separate achievements, but the NPCs that you should speak to are next to each other.

Consultation with Researcher Levvi Achievement 06/25

Speak with Researcher Levvi on Southsun Cove.

Southsun Skinny Dipper Achievement 07/25

Swim off the coast of the Pearl Island resort beach on Southsun Cove without your armor
As soon as you step on the beach of Pearl Islet your armor will be automatically removed, just dive into water to get achievement.

Consortium Rewards Club Member Achievement 8/25

Complete Southsun (5) events while affiliated with the Consortium.
To get affiliated with consortium just talk to Consortium Negotiator. They can be found all over the world. After that you will receive Consortium Supporter buff (23h duration). Complete 5 events, in Southsun Cove, while the buff is on, to get the achievement.

Southsun Settler Support Achievement 9/25

Complete (5) Southsun events while affiliated with the settlers.
Similar achievement to the previous one, the only difference is that now you need to obtain buff from Settler Negotiator.

Southsun Omelette Gourmand Achievement 10/25

Eat an omelette cooked by castaway chef Owain.
For this achievement you need to complete event in the Owain’s Refuge, where you should collect Karrka eggs for Owain (Mechant-Karma). Eggs can be found in the area around Owain’s Refuge. Press CTRL to spot them easier. After completing the event, wait one minute and Owain will become a vendor who’ll sell you the Karka Egg Omelet for 119 karma. Use omlet to get achievement.

The Goggles Do Nothing 11/25

Put on the diving goggles and dive into a Southsun lava pool.
Diving goggles can be found at the Bakestone Cavern on the last slope that lead to the most upper part of cavern (press CTRL to spot them easier). Use goggles, and from that spot dive into lava pool on the bottom of the cavern.

Crab Toss Participant 12/25

Join in the Southsun Crab Toss.
Just speak to Karlotta and sign up for next Crab Toss match.

Southsun Sightseer 13/25

Visit all the settlements of Southsun Cove.

  • Pride Point
  • Pearl Islet
  • Lion Point
  • Owain’s Refuge
  • Camp Karka
  • Kiel’s Outpost
  • Settlement at Driftglass Springs


Southsun Volunteer Fieldwork / Sample Collection achievement 25/25

This is a group of twelve achievements. You can read a complete guide here.