Heart of Thorns is the first Expansion Pack for Guild Wars 2

It was just announced at Pax South in San Antonio, Texas, that Guild Wars 2 is getting a full fledged Expansion pack called Heart of Thorns. Announcement was made by the co-founder Mike O’Brien and game director Colin Johanson during a Guild Wars 2 panel that was livestreamed in front of more than 65.000 viewers on Twitch. Here are the major points that were announced about the new expansion:


Check out the official Heart of Thorns announcement page here.


  • Heart of Maguuma Jungle is where expansion takes place and where you fight Mordremoth
  • There will be no raising the level cap – no gear treadmill
  • New way of character progression called Masteries
  • Jungle is a huge vertical space – you will have to master new skills and abilities to traverse the new zones
  • New group challenges that will require you to master those new skills and abilities
  • New profession specializations – customization of professions
  • New guild support and new guild progression
  • New challenges and achievement
  • New Legendaries and precursors
  • Brand new profession – The Revenant – Heavy armor
  • New WvW Borderland map
  • New PvP mode – Strongholds
  • Guild halls


Mastery System

  • Mastery system is account wide and all level 80 characters you have will have unlocked what you unlocked with the Mastery system
  • Mastery points can be gained from single and group challenges, exploration, achievements and more
  • Hand Glide ability can be gained through Mastery – flight for your character for better exploration of the jungle
  • New civilizations and you can master their languages and access lore for those civilizations
  • Mastery system will allow you learn new combat abilities as well
  • Mastery system will allow you to build collections that will send you on a quest to get precursors for legendary weapons

Specialization System

  • Help you grow your profession into something new
  • Almost like a secondary profession
  • Rangers will be able to master the abilities of a Druid. Rangers will be able to grow into a druid and get access to a new heal skill, new elite skill and new mechanic, if a Ranger decides to go for a druid specialization. Druid ranger will be able to use a staff,
  • Necromancer specialization will allow Necros to use greatsword weapon


Here’s the official trailers.