Hexfoundry Unhinged Jumping Puzzle

Hexfoundry Unhinged
Key Facts:
  • Name: Hexfoundry Unhinged
  • Location: South East part of Sparkfly Fen, East of Darkweather Rise
  • Location map: Sparkfly Fen
  • Recommended level: 63+
  • Achievement type: Jumping Puzzles
  • Puzzle Type: Jumping / Fighting
  • Duration: 15+ minutes
  • Difficulty (Solo): Easy
  • Prize: Achievement / Splendid Chest / Chest

General Information

With the latest Halloween (October) update this puzzle finally got its Achievement. Your aim is to turn off three Inquest Switches in order to open the gate to Splendid Chest and Achievement. There is also additional hidden chest. If someone else disables the switches they remain disabled for approximately an hour and you don’t have to do anything just run to the Splendind Chest.


Guide through the puzzle
Additional Chest

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  1. Trying to zoom each pic then having to back out each time isn’t worth it… easier to search load a video online. Larger JP presentation is the big fail on this site but the maps are great.

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