How to Start Path of Fire Expansion

Path of Fire is the new expansion for Guild Wars 2. It adds a whole new campaign to the game, with new areas a bunch of quests. Some players are having trouble starting it, so we’ve decided to write a guide to show you how to start Path of Fire in Guild Wars 2.

guild wars 2 how to start path of fire expansion

Path of Fire Update

In order to start Path of Fire, you have to make sure your game is updated first. The update is between 2.5 and 3 GB, and you’ll be able to start playing as soon as the first 230 MB have been downloaded. If you aren’t sure whether the update has been downloaded in your absence, just take a look at the version number – it should be build 82,356.

Where to find Path of Fire starting quest?

When you start the game, open your hero screen by pressing H. Click on the story journal (star icon on the left, fourth from the top), and look for Path of Fire in the bottom. It should have a purple background. When you click on it, you’ll see a big button with the words “Play This Chapter” written on it. After you press it, you’ll get a letter in your inventory, which will start the Sparking the Flame quest.

4 thoughts on “How to Start Path of Fire Expansion

  1. We bought 2 POF and we are unable to access them. We paid $160 for them and they are useless to us. Can you point us in the right direction? We haven’t received what you advertised when we picked this package. We are older adults and need a bit of assistance.

    • Stupid answer. Where do we start POF from? We never got our letter in the mail…please help.

      • The correct answer is, if you are level 80, open the hero panel. (Press ‘H’) In the hero panel, under story choose “Path of Fire.”

        Click the button that says, “Play This Story.”

        It will make the “Path of Fire” story theactive story line.

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