Known issues and some solutions

It was not the smoothest launch for Guild Wars 2, but Arena Net staff reacted swiftly and most players are able to play the game now. No matter how many stress tests you conduct when millions of players attempt to play the game at the same time things will not go smoothly. After the initial rush things are much better, but there are still some lingering issues and problems. Arena nest posted on their official Facebook page a list of known issues and some solutions and we wanted to share that with our visitors. Also, we will be adding more official information as it becomes available.
Error Code 1032: The bug where World transfers results in a long delay, has been resolved. Players who log in will be located in the World that they attempted to transfer from. Players should try again.
Error Code 9: This code results when you are not authorized to play in the Guild Wars 2 3-Day Headstart. Retail codes do not get in–you must access to Headstart, which you obtained by PRE-PURCHASING the game in full. Please contact your retailer to make sure that they’ve given you a 3-Day Headstart code. For additional assistance, please contact Customer Support: using the Ask a Question tab. UPDATE: Tweeted by official @guildWars2 account:


If you are currently getting error 9 and you believe you have a pre-order code, please contact your retailer as well as our support.


Error Code 1038: This error results when you try to log in with an account that does not have a Guild Wars 2 serial code attached to it. Please apply a Guild Wars 2 serial code to this account. For additional assistance, please contact Customer Support:

Known issues

  • If you’re having trouble verifying your email address, you can play without verifying your email address by clicking “Play” on the Guild Wars 2 Launcher if you already downloaded the client. We’re working to fix email verification, and you can verify your address once we do.
  • Guild invites cannot be sent at this time. Additionally, some players who were in guilds have been kicked and cannot be reinvited. We’re investigating.
  • Error 9 means that your account does not have Headstart access. If you pre-ordered, as opposed to pre-purchasing, your Headstart access will start at 0:00 PDT, on August 27th.
  • When sending in game mail be sure to send it to the ‘Character Name‘ of the player who is the recipient of the goods, not the recipient’s account/display name.


List of ongoing issues ArenaNet is tracking

  • Guild Issues: This includes guild membership rosters not showing correctly, guild leaders not seeing themselves in the guild, issues with receiving guild invitation notifications, etc.
  • In-game mail
  • Party issues on overflow
  • Trading Post

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