Lostwreck Passage

Region: Unknown |

Point of Interest Skill Point Vista Renown Heart Waypoint
Stormbluff Beacon Deputy Crackshot Vista Help the Lionguard keep drakes at bay . Marshwatch Haven Waypoint
Broken Beacon Agent Xinn Vista Help the Priory put ghost pirates to rest . Archen Foreland Waypoint
Vonooroovah Beckoning Force Vista Teach Quaggans How to Raise Crabs . Stormbluff Waypoint
Aquanarium Hydropost River Drake Broodmother Vista Disrupt Experiments at Aquanarium Hydropost . Deadend Waypoint
Bloody Bill’s Base Two-Eye Ignatl Vista Help maintain order in Moriarity’s Hold . Sorrowful Waypoint
Mudflat Camp Krait Place Of Power Vista Help subvert the Bloody Buccaneers . Remanda Waypoint
Lorantl Grounds   Vista Help Spy on the Crafty Corsairs . Laughing Gull Waypoint
Sullivan’s Wake     Fight the Mysterious Quaggan Affliction . Barrier Camp Waypoint
Covington Keep     Help Arm the Quaggans Firthside Vigil Waypoint
Breekeelee     Help the Vigil clear out the abandoned caves of Mole’s Head . Lostwreck Waypoint
Morgooroo     Assist Crusader Aisling of the Vigil recover lost skritt territory . Jelako Waypoint
Glorious Drill Collective #4     Help Shore up Hylek Defenses Mournful Waypoint
Challdar’s Nest     Help Cesseilia defend and research the oasis . Castavall Waypoint
Lostwreck Passage       Whisperwill Waypoint
Lapatl Grounds       Bogside Camp Waypoint
Gleaner’s Archway        
Rhiann’s Respite        
Deadend Cave        
Event – Location/NPC to defend Event – Boss enemy Event – Location of a fight Event – Location/NPC to protect or capture  
Defend Lionguard supplies from the Inquest assault . [Group Event] Kill the Deep Sea Shark Destroy Psylithium Generators to free Quaggan prisoners . Capture Taidha Covington’s southern defensive tower.  
Defend Captain Penzan until he recovers his hidden treasure . [Group Event] Slay the Orrian Terror from the deep. Eliminate the cannons at the northern defensive tower.    
Protect the Lapatl Chieftain from the undead . [Group Event] Kill Admiral Taidha Covington. Defend the galleon and help it destroy Taidha’s gate.    
Lead Priory explorers safely out of Flooded Castavall .        
Defend Donala and keep undead from overrunning the oasis .        
Defend Lionguard Lindi as she searches for buried treasure.        
[Group Event] Protect Bill and Hekja as they clear Risen from the area.        

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