Region: Unknown |

Point of Interest Skill Point Vista Renown Heart Waypoint
Stormbluff Beacon Deputy Crackshot Vista Help the Lionguard keep drakes at bay . Marshwatch Haven Waypoint
Broken Beacon Agent Xinn Vista Help the Priory put ghost pirates to rest . Archen Foreland Waypoint
Vonooroovah Beckoning Force Vista Teach Quaggans How to Raise Crabs . Stormbluff Waypoint
Aquanarium Hydropost River Drake Broodmother Vista Disrupt Experiments at Aquanarium Hydropost . Deadend Waypoint
Bloody Bill’s Base Two-Eye Ignatl Vista Help maintain order in Moriarity’s Hold . Sorrowful Waypoint
Mudflat Camp Krait Place Of Power Vista Help subvert the Bloody Buccaneers . Remanda Waypoint
Lorantl Grounds   Vista Help Spy on the Crafty Corsairs . Laughing Gull Waypoint
Sullivan’s Wake     Fight the Mysterious Quaggan Affliction . Barrier Camp Waypoint
Covington Keep     Help Arm the Quaggans Firthside Vigil Waypoint
Breekeelee     Help the Vigil clear out the abandoned caves of Mole’s Head . Lostwreck Waypoint
Morgooroo     Assist Crusader Aisling of the Vigil recover lost skritt territory . Jelako Waypoint
Glorious Drill Collective #4     Help Shore up Hylek Defenses Mournful Waypoint
Challdar’s Nest     Help Cesseilia defend and research the oasis . Castavall Waypoint
Lostwreck Passage       Whisperwill Waypoint
Lapatl Grounds       Bogside Camp Waypoint
Gleaner’s Archway        
Rhiann’s Respite        
Deadend Cave        
Event – Location/NPC to defend Event – Boss enemy Event – Location of a fight Event – Location/NPC to protect or capture  
Defend Lionguard supplies from the Inquest assault . [Group Event] Kill the Deep Sea Shark Destroy Psylithium Generators to free Quaggan prisoners . Capture Taidha Covington’s southern defensive tower.  
Defend Captain Penzan until he recovers his hidden treasure . [Group Event] Slay the Orrian Terror from the deep. Eliminate the cannons at the northern defensive tower.    
Protect the Lapatl Chieftain from the undead . [Group Event] Kill Admiral Taidha Covington. Defend the galleon and help it destroy Taidha’s gate.    
Lead Priory explorers safely out of Flooded Castavall .        
Defend Donala and keep undead from overrunning the oasis .        
Defend Lionguard Lindi as she searches for buried treasure.        
[Group Event] Protect Bill and Hekja as they clear Risen from the area.        

2 thoughts on “Vista

  1. Start at the mushrooms at the north end of the lake near the vista. Jump up them, then onto the large root, then onto the ledge. Go east to the cliff wall, then south along the wall. Near the vista there are a few rocks to jump to get to it.
    The shrubbery is dense so watch your position so you don’t fall.

  2. This is wrong, you don’t need to start by jumping onto a log, you can easily get onto the rocks not far from the vista itself and work your way up… just spent ages trying to find this log and I think it has been changed