Preview for all the new Charr and Quaggan backpacks

For all of you who like Charr and Quaggan backpacks, this is a list of codes that you can enter in the chat and preview. Some of the backpacks are not in the game yet. The confirmed ones as rare drops from Black Lion chests are Tiger Charr Backpack cover and Pink Quaggan Backpack Cover.

Pink Quaggan: [&AgFGmgAA]
Green Quaggan: [&AgFKmgAA]
Purple Quaggan: [&AgFemgAA]
Orca Quaggan: [&AgFimgAA]

White Charr: [&AgFmmgAA]
Yellow Charr: [&AgFOmgAA]
Orange Charr: [&AgFSmgAA]
Brown Charr: [&AgFWmgAA]
Black Charr: [&AgFamgAA]

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