Shattered Ice Ruins Jumping Puzzle

Shattered Ice Ruins
Key Facts:
  • Name: Shattered Ice Ruins
  • Location: North part of Frostgorge Sound, Shattered Ice Floe
  • Location map: Frostgorge Sound
  • Recommended level: 76+
  • Achievement type: Jumping Puzzles
  • Puzzle Type: Jumping / Fighting
  • Duration: 20+ minutes
  • Difficulty (Solo): Medium
  • Prize: Achievement / Splendid Chest

General Information

During this Jumping Puzzle you’ll fight a large number of mobs (some of them are in groups) and a few veteran mobs. It will be much easier for you to finish this Jumping puzzle with a friend, since most of the platforms where you have to fight the mobs are very small and you don’t have enough space to move and dodge attacks.


Guide through the puzzle

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