Snow Leopard Ranger Pet

Juvenile Snow Leopards are amphibious pets located in Hoelbrak and Wayfarer Foothills. Norn rangers can choose the Snow Leopard pet during the character creation. Juvenile Snow Leopards are heavy damage pets with very short skill animations (range 130) that can chill their enemies.

Snow leopards have internalized the harsh climate they live in. Their pounce debilitates their victims with chilling cold, making it harder for them to escape. Though they comfortable in freezing cold, snow leopards love a good sunbeam.


Snow Leopard attributes (lvl 80) Appearance Location
Power 1,524
Precision 2,211
Toughness 1,524
Vitality 1,524
Type Amphibious pets
Family Feline
Location Wayfarer Foothills,

juvenile_snow_leopard_gw2_ranger_pets Juvenile_Snow_Leopard_wayfarer_foothills_gw2
Common to feline Slash Slash Slash at your foe, leaving them vulnerable.
Bite Bite Bite your foe for heavy damage.
Tail Swipe Maul Slash a foe multiple times and make them bleed.
Unique Icy Pounce Icy Pounce Leap at your foe, chilling them.
Underwater Icy Pounce Icy Bite Bite your foe, chilling them.


Family: Feline


Jungle Stalker


Snow Leopard

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