Reef Drake Ranger Pet

Juvenile Reef Drakes are amphibious pets located in Southsun Cove. Reef Drakes are AoE damage pets that confuse foes with his unique skill Sonic Shriek.

Reef Drake attributes (lvl 80) Appearance
Power 1,718
Precision 1,374
Toughness 2,061
Vitality 1,718
Type Amphibious pets
Family Drake
Location Southsun Cove
reef drake reef drake location
Common to Drake Bite Bite Bite a foe with your jaws.
Chomp Chomp Bite a foe and gain health.
Tail Swipe Tail Swipe Attack all surrounding foes with a tail swipe.
Unique Fire Breath Sonic Shriek Emit a cone of discordant sonic energy to confuse foes.
Underwater Sonic Barrier Sonic Barrier Create a sonic barrier that reflects projectiles.


Family: Drake

Ice Drake

Marsh Drake

River Drake

Salamander Drake

Reef Drake

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  1. Would love to see a good side-by-side comparison of each pet in a nifty tooltip format.