Whiptail Devourer Ranger Pet

Whiptail devourers are especially deadly ranged attackers, using poison and a volley of tail spikes to take down prey from a distance.

Whiptail Devourer attributes (lvl 80) Appearance  
Power 1,524
Precision 1,661
Toughness 4,272
Vitality 2,211
Type Amphibious pets
Family Devourer
Location Black Citadel
Plains of Ashford
Plains of Ashford
juvenile_Whiptail_Devourer-_location_Black_Citadel_map Juvenile_Whiptail_Devourer_plains_of_ashford_gw2
Common to Devourer Twin Darts Twin Darts Fire two shots from your tail that have a 10% chance to poison.
Tail Lash Tail Lash Push a nearby foe back with your tail.
Devourer Retreat Devourer Retreat Retreat by tunnelling through the ground.
Unique Poison Barbs Poison Barbs Spray poisonous barbs in an arc in front of you, damaging and poisoning foes.
Underwater Poison Cloud Poison Cloud Shoot a noxious cloud at your foe, damaging and Poisoning them.


Family: Devourer

Carrion Devourer

Lashtail Devourer

Whiptail Devourer

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