GW2 Flame And Frost – Gathering Storm february updates

The upcoming GW2 Flame And Frost – Gathering Storm update comes out on February 26th. The update brings a lot of interesting changes that will make GW2 players even more in love with the game, while all of you who are making a small break at the moment should prepare to come back and continue to play.
What are those things, that are going to be updated and the new ones that are going to be added?
Living Story will bring up new events, story plots and etc., changing the world we know. Be sure to participate in it, since it will be the part of history.

Preview Items in the Trading Post
Yes indeed ! Finally an option that many of the players wanted since start, coming live. You can now preview the items on the Trading Post before buying them, and even an option that can make you look at them while they are wielded or stowed. Decidedly someone will agree, one of the best upgrades there are.

Guild Missions
Guilds get important even more. This is one of the biggest updates that Gathering Storm will bring. For now it will be tide to a player versus environment maps only, but in future they might be implemented into WvWvW map as well. What does it make unique:

  • In order to activate them, guilds need to research them.
  • There are many guild missions, with different goals, widely difficulties (time limited and etc.).
  • Once they are activated, their location can be on anywhere on a world map, on designated area for that type of quest.
  • Area where guild mission is activated, is noted with guild banners, from the same guild that created an event.
  • Everyone can participate in completing the quest, even players that are not in the same guild, that created an event, but sometimes some of the event parts can be successfully finished by a guild members only.

Rewards are wide as well:

  • Guild upgrades (cheaper waypoint cost and etc.).
  • Personal rewards for every person that participated in completing the guild mission.
  • Personal rewards for guild members that have finished the guild missions in luxury goods, new type of items that can be earned only through completing guild missions, item that can transform you into guild banner and many more.


New Daily Achievements
What makes this different from the ones we had, is the option that makes you choose which ones you want to finish, from the list of the ones that are given to you per each day, in order to complete daily achievement and acquire daily achievement prize. You can still finish the rest of the achievements from the list, in order to receive more achievement points. List of achievements given in Daily Achievement in order to complete it, can be very different. Up from killing specific boss in some instance or killing specific type of creatures at some map and etc. You chose how you do your daily achievement.

Brand New PvP Map – Spirit Watch
This map with standard capture points will have one additional objective, capture the “flag” also know as Orb of Ascension that is at the middle of the map at the Altar, to the one of the three capture points know as shrines of Wolf, Raven and Bear. Additional points will be gathered if those points are being held by team players or not.

Two Team competitive PvP play
New type of competitive PvP play, where two teams of similar rating are fighting for higher rating and glory. Similar skill and rating teams will fight versus similar skill and rating teams.

While all the updates should hit the servers on February 26th, players that love playing WvWvW, are not forgotten as well, but they are going to wait a bit longer since it requires more testing. Some of the features that can be expected are:

  • Continual work to re-build the way our game loads models and compresses data, to allow for more visible characters/names in WvW in the long run as we build towards removing as much culling as possible from the game.
  • Expanding on reasons to be winning in WvW beyond the total weekly score, providing stronger incentives for specific objectives and additional short term goals/rewards for winning minute-to-minute in the WvW maps.
  • Providing additional ways for WvW players to earn various power-progression rewards available across the game currently in PvE for participating in WvW content.
  • Exploring ways to help get more people playing WvW, as well as dealing with queue issues that come with those inherent issues of player population and demand.
  • Additional polish and cleanup features to make the general experience in WuvWuv more fun and exciting.

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