GW2 Lost Shores content sneak peek

Massively, MMORPG, Curse and GW2 Hub posted interviews with ArenaNet developers about upcoming GW2 expansion the Lost Shores. In short terms, here’s what you can expect:

  1. Schedule
    • Thursday, November 15, 18:00 CET (17:00 GMT) – Free trial period begins, update build is released
    • Friday, November 16, 21:00 CET (20:00 GMT) – One-time Lost Shores event begins
    • Sunday, November 18, 21:00 CET (20:00 GMT) – Final event stage begins
    • Monday, November 19, 07:00 CET (06:00 GMT) – One-time event and free trial weekend ends


  2. New Map level 80 – Southsun Cove

    As you probably know on Friday November 16th at noon PST (20:00 GMT) the weekend will start with an Event in Lion’s Arch where players will have to fend off a massive invasion of quite challenging enemy called karka (a race from the depths of the sea).


    Visually, the Karka will feature a heavily armored shell of sorts that players will have to penetrate. ArenaNet has even worked on a new shader technology that allows players to actually see pieces of the armor fall off of the Karka as they wear it down (MMORPG)


    The event will lead players to a new map level 80 called Southsun Cove (don’t worry during the event all players will be scaled up to level 80). Players will find myriad events, jumping puzzles, resource nodes and more on the Lost Shores (GW2 Hub and MMORPG)

  3. Nine new dungeons – Fractals of the Mists
    With this update ArenaNet will introduce a new type of dungeons with raising difficulty scale for the dungeon. Players will enter the Fractals of the Mist dungeon via a central hub. It consists of nine mini-dungeons, each with its own story and environment.


    A party of five will enter the dungeon and be faced with a random set of three of these dungeons at a time. Upon completing those three, the party will be transported to a hub to rest, repair, and merch — and the difficulty scale for the dungeon will be raised. Every time the difficulty scale is at an even number, players will face a special boss encounter (Massively).


    These fractals will feature a variety of challenges, puzzles, and boss fights, with an emphasis placed on use of the environment. Players can expect each fractal to take anywhere from 15 to 40 minutes to complete and the game will throw you through a series of three fractals, from one to the next, before returning you to town. Every other set of three fractals that players complete will initiate a special boss fight along the lines of Tequatl the Sunless or The Shatterer. (MMORPG)

  4. Temple of the Silent Storm – New sPvP map
    This map takes place on a vertical massive iceberg.


    Players can meditate at certain areas to acquire buffs that confer bonus points for a variety of activities, ranging from killing other players to capturing objectives. The buff that is likely to be contested the most is one that will reset all the capture points throughout the map. (MMORPG)


    Players moving through the rooms of the dojo can find a powerful boss; killing the boss will result in gaining ownership of all the capture points in the map. (Massively)

  5. Ascended armors
    The patch will introduce new item quality level – Ascended which is slightly more powerful than exotics and can, in some cases, hold slots for infusions. Infusions will allow you to increase your character’s power. Ascended items will come out of the new mini-dungeons.

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