Patch Notes November 1st

ArenaNet released the latest patch notes with specific details about Paid SPvP Tournaments, WvW, Dungeons and much more. The patch notes are available below.

Paid SPvP Tournaments

In addition to free sPvP tournaments, you can now play in paid sPvP tournaments! You can join them by going to the Heart of the Mists (using the crossed-swords icon in your quick-launch icons) and speak to the Tournament Master. You will need Tournament Tickets to play, which you can get through reward chests or the Gem Store! To see more info on the rewards for paid tournaments, look here.

  • Closed a number of exploits that inappropriately allowed access to keeps.
  • Orbs of power have been removed from WvW to address hacking and balance issues. They tended to strengthen teams already in the lead and were irresistible targets for hackers and cheaters, both of which could have an unfortunately large impact on any given WvW game. Orbs or some similar mechanic may return in the future, but only if we’re confident that they won’t create similar issues.
Personal Story
  • “The Battle of Fort Trinity”—Fixed a bug that could prevent progress on the “Defend the gate” objective.

Sorrow’s Embrace

  • Fergg’s Chain: The Grenadiers found a way back into the ranks. We have now adjusted their numbers to match. Waves have been adjusted to have a more reasonable spawn time.

Caudecus’s Manor

  • Story Chain: Fixed an issue that could prevent Separatist guards from spawning properly.

On October 22nd, we added new minidungeons, jumping puzzles, and events to several areas.

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