River Drake Ranger Pet

Juvenile River Drakes are amphibious pets located in Kessex Hills. Human rangers can choose the River Drake pet during the character creation. River Drake is an AoE damage pet with very short skill animations (range 130 – 600). His unique skill Lightning Breath is a lightning spell that chains between nearby foes giving it pretty good range. Unfortunately, I had the same problem with all drakes, it’s hard to keep them alive in general.

River drakes hunt by throwing foes into water, then unleashing their electrical breath. Fortunately, they are immune to their breath, but most prey cannot withstand its power.


River Drake attributes (lvl 80) Appearance Location
Power 1,387
Precision 1,524
Toughness 1,524
Vitality 1,524
Type Amphibious pets
Family Drake
Location Kessex Hills
World vs. World
Human starting pet
River_drake_kessex_hills_gw2 River_drake_location_wvw_gw2
Common to Drake Bite Bite Bite a foe with your jaws.
Chomp Chomp Bite a foe and gain health.
Tail Swipe Tail Swipe Attack all surrounding foes with a tail swipe.
Unique Lightning Breath Lightning Breath Breathe bolts of lightning that bounce to nearby foes.
Underwater Electrocute Electrocute Charge the water around your foe with electricity.


Family: Drake

Ice Drake

Marsh Drake

River Drake

Salamander Drake

Reef Drake

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