The Lost Shores Phase 2

The steps you need to finish if you want to participate in the Phase 2:


Here are the Phase 1 steps that you need to make sure you completed before Phase 2 starts:
Talk to Inspector Ellen Kiel in the Grand Piazza of Lion’s Arch
Examine the wreckage on the shore in Lion’s Arch west of Sanctum Harbor waypoint
Return to Kiel with the soggy bag
Talk to Consortium Subdirector Blingg at the new Consortium Gift Shop point of interest, northwest of Fort Marriner in Lion’s Arch
*Receive the map fragment. *
The subsequent steps of Phase 1 can be finished after Phase 2
Defeat Noll and his bodyguards (this is currently bugged and we’ll push a fix for that later)
Find Canach in Garenhoff
Defeat Canach (this NPC is currently on a timer)
Return to Kiel for your reward.
Other dynamic events are not required for completing Phase 1….

2 thoughts on “The Lost Shores Phase 2

  1. Sorry, but a friend of mine has a problem… he didn’t all the things and so he has tried to do the investigations today… but he hasn’t find the wreckels for Ellen Kiel on the beach, there aren’t any of them now!!! Do you know why? Perhaps he can’t do the steps because it’s too late? 🙁

    • Oh, I forgot to tell you: my friend hasn’t received both the email, but we don’t understand why and what he has to do… I have done all the steps but I don’t understand what he hasn’t done that I’ve done…

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