Halloween Event FAQ

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Q:How do I get candy corn?
A: You can get them from Raw Candy Corn or as a mob drop.
Q:Why should I do the costume brawl?
A: You get achievements based on how many times you get to champion mode.
Q:Why should I carve pumpkins?
A:’Master Carver’ title. (we have a guide for you)

Q:What are those hunted doors?
A: Doors spawn randomly throughout the world. Walk up to them and ‘Trick or Treat’ monsters will spawn. These monsters count towards the achievement ‘Halloween Hunting’, which you need to complete (along with the rest of the Achievements in the special event tab) to get the “Emissary of the Mad King” title. (guide with tips and locations)
Q:Are the weapons sold by the Candy Corn merchant permanent?
A:No, the description even says they last for 4 hours.
Q:How can I transform myself into: Mummy, Giant Candy Corn Monster, Skeleton…?
A:Do the tiny jumping quest where the giant cauldron is (where the mystic forge was in Lions Arch) and jump inside, you will be turned to a random monster.
Q: How to get Halloween Mini-Pets?
A: They can be obtain from the Guild Wars 2 Black Lions Exchange. (screenshots of Mini-Pets)
Q: Where is Tribulation Caverns Jumping Puzzle?
A: South West part of Dredgehaunt Cliffs , west from Tribulation Rift (guide with screenshots)
Q: Where is Coddler’s Cove Jumping Puzzle?
A: South East part of Timberline Falls, South of Mellagan’s Grotto (guide with screenshots)
Q: Where is Hidden Garden Jumping Puzzle?
A: Far East part of Mount Maelstrom, Dierdre’s Steps (guide with screenshots)
Q: Where is Vexa’s Lab Jumping Puzzle?
A: East part of Fireheart Rise , North from Cozen Desolation (guide with screenshots)
Q: Where can I found Mad Memoires Books and what should I do with them?
A: You should return them to Magister Tassi Guide with screenshots
Q: Where can I see Halloween Skins?
A: We have Halloween Skins Compilation for you
Q: What is the use of Candy-Powered Matter Meter?
A: You can use it for finding Mad Memoires Books and Personalized Trick or Treat Bags
Q: How to get Forsaken Fortune achievement?
A: Forsaken Fortune is a mini dungeon and we have a guide for you.

We would like to thank tickleyourfunnybone for finding great answers on some questions.

13 thoughts on “Halloween Event FAQ

  1. where are the doors? and any tips for costume brawl achievement? and those jumping puzzle stay or go after halloween is over?

    • Doors spawn randomly throughout the world. For costume brawl try to get a costume/transform which gives you many or low cooldown aoe skills, the skeleton from the mini jumping puzzle at the mystic forge in Lion’s Arch should be enough. The 4 new jumping puzzle achievements stay even after H’ween.

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